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Summer shenanigans are in full swing and who doesn’t love rocking a new lil something at the function to feel extra cute and refreshed? I’m here to tell you that even if you have expensive taste on a dollar menu budget, Amazon has some surprisingly cute pieces for the low and I’m a huge fan.

This week I’ve curated some of my favorite summer picks for my last minute girlies who are searching for this weekend’s look; whether it be at a backyard BBQ or Bonnaroo, I’ve got you set on three different aesthetics you can put together and have by the weekend if you’re taking advantage of Amazon’s convenient Prime next day shipping!

Look Aesthetic ONE : Neutral + Natural Girl Next Door

The list is for my ‘modest but goddess’ chickas who love solid colors and less revealing but still sexy pieces. The best part about this list is all of these pieces are essentially wardrobe staples, perfect for layering and mix & matching with other complimentary colors.

Look Aesthetic Two: Funky Fresh Fashionista

This list is where I live, my favorite aesthetic for my own personal style. I LOVE to mismatch with loud patterns, funky colors, and anything else that oozes show stopping, “look at my F I T” vibes. These pieces are all loud and perfect for events that you want to really pop at. If done right, you can split sets to be single pieces and wear over and over again when you don’t want to call as much attention to a loud pattern.

Look Aesthetic Three: Fairy Dust Festival Babe

This list is for my whimsical darlings who want to frolic around looking cute and carefree! Be your fun little Tinker Bell self rocking these light pastel colors in all sorts of mesh and have your moment, accessorizing with butterflies and tiny purses.

If you enjoyed seeing my style picks for this week’s blog, be sure to subscribe to my email list at the bottom of this page and follow @camcurates on Instagram for more! Happy summer styling babes! Be sure to tag me @camcurates if you rock any of these spicy summer pieces.

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