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"Streetwear" describes urban looks that trendsetters wear in and around the city emerging from a rebellion against traditional fashion norms. Streetwear pioneers embrace the styles found in hip-hop and skateboarding scenes where people prioritize comfort and self-expression over formalities. Today there is still a very close tie between the influence of music and skateboarding with the relationship to streetwear. Streetwear is not just a fashion trend but an individual’s cultural expression through fashion.

The essence of streetwear comes from a do-it-yourself style rework of all sorts of garments, so my recommendation is to take this blog as inspiration to rework and upcycle pieces into your own personalized version and take on modern streetwear!

Having started in the urban neighborhoods of NYC, the evolution of streetwear influences the entire fashion industry’s latest trends. The looks can vary from city to city but there are many constants that influence the term “streetwear.” It’s no secret that in the world of modern streetwear, the price tags can be hefty. Many crave the ability to wear the leading brands and styles but for most, shopping these brands is not financially feasible. That’s where I want to jump on the dupe train and give some examples for those of us who are “ballin’ on a budget” to rock the styles without breaking the bank.

Look ONE : The SkateR dateR

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One of my favorite aspects of street style is that it is very unisex! Borrow your partner's pants and serve a comfy, casual, yet perfectly street style & on trend look using the recommended pieces shown below. For this look, it is key to have your white shirts being CRISPY white; a dingy & old tank would make this look appear sloppy instead of styled. Pair this outfit with a messy half up bun, some hoops, chains and a fresh pair of sneakers and step out feeling super fre$h.

Look Two: Put it in Sport

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Moto leather jackets have been taking the street styles by storm lately! This Y2K inspired look is comprised of a micro/mini skirt, a cropped or over-sized leather jacket and a peak of a tasteful midriff. Really pull off a bad ass vibe with a slicked back pony tail, tiny purse, hoop earrings and pair of trendy, sleek sunglasses to nail this vibe. Complete the accessorized fit with a small purse or fanny pack and you're set.


Shop This Look:

One of my favorite ways to wear streetwear and still feel feminine is with this collegiate-style look paired with a pleated mini skirt. Rep your city and throw it back with a vintage inspired crew neck sweatshirt layered with a peaking out collared shirt and incorporate the oh-so-back-in-style hair bow or headband and you've got the look on lock. This outfit pairs great with a set of white tube socks and loafers!

Look four: stylish comfy cutie

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Baggy sweats, a comfortable hoodie and an over-sized flannel are a great, common streetwear look. You can layer these pieces however you need to, to cater to the weather outside by wearing a crop top + flannel or tee shirt + hoodie + flannel. Accessories for this look could be throwing on a pair of trendy reading glasses (blue light if you don't need prescription specs!) and layering silver or gold chains and a pair of hoops. Add a snap back hat too if that's your style!

Like any great complete look, accessories are KEY. For most, the details get left behind, however with streetwear, this is your opportunity to really emphasize a proper streetwear look by adding a snapback, bucket hat or beanie. Here are some of my favorite types and styles of hats to throw into the mix of your look:

Another thing about streetwear is, the look is truly finished and made complete by the pair of shoes on your feet. A pair of the latest drop of sneakers by one of the top brands is the cherry on top of a perfectly styled streetwear look. Below are some of my favorite to pairs of shoes to incorporate with any of the above looks! High tops, low tops, whatever it is, if you need help styling your next streetwear look... shoot me a message! I am here to "Help You Pull It Off," like my slogan says :)

Modern streetwear is more than just a fashion trend; it's a cultural movement that continues to shape the way we dress and express ourselves. It bridges the gap between high fashion and everyday comfort, drawing inspiration from a wide range of influences, from music and art to subcultures and sports. As streetwear continues to evolve, it will be exciting to see how it pushes the boundaries of fashion and challenges conventional norms while remaining deeply rooted in its cultural origins. Whether you're a die-hard streetwear enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates comfort and self-expression, streetwear has something for everyone in this ever-evolving style landscape.

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